ephemeris - mobile app prototype

Ephemeris is an augmented reality app made for a collaboration between Louis Vuitton Foundation and the DSAA of Jacques Prevert. Visitors are invited to create their own constellation with a simple game of "connect the dots" developed with Unity. Every constellation then appear in a virtual sky in augmented reality, each visitor adds to the sky with his constellation, contributing to a collaborative sky full of stars. Ephemeris are maps of the stars that permitted navigators to find their way in the night. The Louis Vuitton Foundation communicates a lot on its architecture that evokes a vessel. This work was realized in collaboration with Yuan Zhong.

We created a logo inspired by the architecture and shapes of Frank Gerry's Foundation Louis Vuitton. The modular aspect of the logo shows a panel of possible connections between the dots.
This photo was taken during a presentation of the Ephemeris app at the Foundation Louis Vuitton. Visitors were invited to create their own constellation that would then appear in the sky using augmented reality.

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