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Since 2019 I've been making animations on my Youtube channel "Iwana", the channel has more than 100 videos and 21k subscribers. This is a space where I can experiment and learn as much as I want while communicating with a community of my own. It is also a way to meet a lot of artists and collaborate with voice actors, musicians and other animators, these collaborations bring back teamwork and art direction into a freelance life than can be a lot of solo work. → Go to the channel.

Robot Jones reanimated is a collaborative project with many other animators, each of us had one or several scenes of the original pilot of "What Happened to Robot Jones" to animate in our own style. I realized 5 scenes using various style from AI generated imagery to 3D mixed with live action video.
This is the second episode of Smews News, a series that parodies news outlet with a very absurd tone. In each episode the interviewers present a simingly uninteresting news in a very dramatic manner. I collaborated with several of my subscribers to get the voices I wanted.
Monkeys Saga is a 8 episodes series I made to celebrate my first 10k subscribers on Youtube. I wrote the scripts, recorded the voices and musics and animated each episode in one day.
Pest Control PSA is a little series about imaginary and real small creatures and how to handle them. These videos are in a way an homage to PSA videos from the 20th century that can give a certain nostalgic vibe.
Oney Plays is a youtube channel that post let's play of various games, the channel is owned by Oney, an artist who could be considered as one of many pioneers of internet animations. His history inspire a lot of people including myself to animate over audio bits from their let's plays.
This video is a 3D animated interpretation of the real interview of a schizophrenic young man. I tried to turn the fears, doubts and incomprehensions of the young man into surreal and nightmarish imagery.

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