du feu pour la fusée - photos and videos

I archived the adventures of three cosmonauts for the exhibition "Du feu pour la fusée" that took place from February 4th to February 26th in Espace Saint Ravy in Montpellier. The artists, Lucas Borne, Etienne Rabaud and Arnaud Bacquet, pretended to be cosmonauts that just arrived on Earth and were trying to understand it. Everyday they would perform a new act that I would capture.
Instagram of the artists -> les nouveaux fils des âges farouches.

February 7th - The cosmonauts leave their vessel for the first time to meet and greet the people of Montpellier.
February 9th - Time to hunt and fish for the cosmonauts, they meet with the local fauna and discover what they can eat or not.
February 17th - Two of the cosmonauts challenge each other at moonball (also known as badminton) on the Place de la Comédie in Montpellier.
February 18th - After two weeks in their vessel of Saint Ravy, the cosmonauts decide to revisit and replay some of their past adventures with the help of a small remote ship.
February 22nd - The cosmonauts discovered how the local humans consume food and decide to try it themselves by ordering a UberEat while watching TV.
February 25th - The cosmonauts finished the rocket and are ready to launch, but they need some help to bring it to the Promenade du Peyrou in Montpellier.
February 16th - The cosmonauts are looking for clues and traces to better understand the world around them.
February 19th - Inside of the Coppola with no clue as to where and when they are, the cosmonauts feel free to talk about any thing, mostly about nothing.
February 23rd - The cosmonauts visit Lunel and do various tests to understand its gravity, the composition of its ground and many other mysterious things.
February 25th - Before launching their rocket, the cosmonauts parade across the city to celebrate the success of their mission with many locals.

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